May be an image of 1 person and snow
Grandson Luca with ‘Bob the Snowblob’

Our garden has been white for two days; the forecasters say snow will continue. Musing on snow….

  1. Experts…

A week ago the forecasters predicted it. I was cynical; they were right.

In these days of pandemic we’ve needed to trust the medical experts.

At one time we trusted and respected experts and leaders – vicars, policemen, doctors. Now, with stories of corruption, conspiracies, moral scandals and betrayal we question everyone and trust no-one.

… We shall need those with expertise in mental health, education, finance, business and spiritual welfare if we are to thrive and flourish in the days to come.

We all need humility and wisdom to recognise and trust experts; some will pray for those with such heavy responsibilities…

  • Contrasts…

There’s something wonderful about snow. It’s almost impossible to teach if it’s snowing; it has a hypnotic-like effect… Seeing children (of all ages!) making snowmen, throwing snowballs or going down hills on sledges… and many look forward to skiing holidays.

The danger and cold of snow and ice will prevent some from coming out, will be an extreme hazard for those who have to travel on our roads, and an added complication for those with vital work to do today.

We need humility and wisdom to hold in tension contrasting views; sometimes it isn’t about arguing that we are right…

  • Purity…

The whiteness of snow is often used as a metaphor. We see a field, a mountain covered in snow; it’s untouched, smooth, pure, clean, beautiful.

It’s the whiteness of the virgin bride’s wedding dress, the clean new white baby-grow for the new-born baby.

Last week I quoted: ‘Cleanse me with hyssop and I shall be clean.’ The text continues, ‘Wash me and I shall be whiter than snow.’

We need humility and wisdom to accept flaws and failures, yet understand perfection and aspire to be ‘clean and white’. I need God’s help…

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