O Lord, the Clouds Are Gathering

O Lord, the clouds are gathering
The fire of judgement burns
How we have fallen!
O Lord, you stand appalled to see
Your laws of love so scorned
And lives so broken

It’s difficult to get the balance.

Some tell us how awful life is… pandemic death figures, the financial crisis, mental health cases sharply increasing, conspiracy theories, a world out of control.

Then we look at the hope brought by the vaccine, the daily compassion of many, those going above and beyond the call of duty, a brave new world with a brave new normal.

Have mercy, Lord,
Forgive us, Lord,
Restore us, Lord
Revive your church again
Let justice flow
Like rivers
And righteousness like a never failing stream

Graham Kendrick, writing this song, wrestled with this balance; in Christian, theological terms balancing the God of judgement and holiness with the God of love and mercy…

O Lord, over the nations now
Where is the dove of peace?
Her wings are broken
O Lord, while precious children starve
The tools of war increase
Their bread is stolen

…Musing on the rights of children this morning. In Biblical times children were literally sacrificed; in Victorian times they were ‘sacrificed’ as cheap labour in factories, down mines. In some parts of the world they are still ‘sacrificed’ in factories, in the sex trade…

Today… the health priority is given to the elderly and vulnerable, the financial priority is given to keeping businesses open. As schools remain closed for most children are we sacrificing their welfare and futures?

Yet, O Lord, your glorious cross shall tower
Triumphant in this land
Evil confounding
Through the fire your suffering church display
The glories of her Christ
Praises resounding!

I remain the optimist. My Christian faith allows me to muse, ask questions, be confused, and yet believe that my God is still in control and that things will work out for good.

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