Charlotte, Mr Smith and Joseph

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I ain’t gonna be like this for ever… Things are gonna rearrange, Man I’m gonna change...

This is Charlotte. A year ago she says: ’I was very unhappy, I had no confidence and my self-esteem was at an all time low… I was always tired and lacked motivation to do anything.’

Last January she went to Slimming World and in a year she has lost 4½ stone! ’I’m now happy and healthy both physically and mentally. I feel motivated and energised.’

Through Charlotte’s determination, and support from friends, family and a support group, she has dramatically changed from ‘Self-conscious to self-confident.’

Earlier this week she announced on Facebook: ‘I’m Charlotte and I am a new Slimming World consultant! I am SUPER excited to announce that I will be relaunching a group in Kirkley on the 28th January!’

The song below tells of a discussion between Fred the tadpole and Joe the caterpillar. They argue as to which will be the greatest – Fred who will become a hopping frog  or Joe who will become a beautiful flying butterfly.

And then Mr Smith comes by. They think he’s strange because he won’t change. He explains that humans can change to be kind and good, to bring peace and joy…

Fred and Joe will change naturally; no effort required. Charlotte and Mr Smith learn to change… with some effort.

I’m musing further on the story of Joseph. In 30 years he changed from nomadic shepherd, to favoured son, to hated brother, to mistreated slave, to forgotten prisoner, to Egyptian prime-minister. The narrative describes change that was not the result of natural process or a purposeful effort. Behind it all was a God with a clear plan, who was able to give Joseph wisdom and discernment. His unseen God brought unexpected changes!

I ain’t gonna be like this for ever… Things are gonna rearrange, Man I’m gonna change...

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