Squirrels, Wine and Comfy Chairs

Squirrels are often a source of entertainment in our garden. At this time of year young squirrels learning how to steal seeds from the bird feeders sometimes fall off! This morning they were on a hazel tree, precariously picking off their hazel-nut breakfast from the end of thin branches.

We have a hazel tree because one autumn, many years ago, one of their ancestors buried a hazel nut…

Story-summary, Sermon-outline

This morning… John 2

  • Wedding – Jesus is with ordinary people in an ordinary social situation.
  • Wine – he’s drinking and celebrating with friends and family; they run out of wine
  • Woman – Mary, Jesus’ mother, intervenes, believing that Jesus has the solution
  • Water – The answer to their problem is in the ordinary – water and jars…
  • Wonder – The miraculous happens; Jesus turns water into wine,

Ordinary becomes extra-ordinary

What ordinary parts of our lives would we like changed to become extraordinary… involving relationships or employment, friends or family, personal worries, hopes or dreams, recent ideas or long-held desires…? We may consider Jesus’ intervention and involvement…

Two conversations from yesterday:

A laid back and active friend is booked in for heart surgery. His wife is anxious. They hope that ordinary ill-health will become extra-ordinary good health; that ordinary anxiety will become extra-ordinary peace.

A young man is considering university options. His applications will affect the next few years and potentially the rest of his life. Ordinary decisions could have extra-ordinary consequences.

Comfy Chairs

Yesterday I read an interview with television presenter Holly Willoughby. Saying that she lived by the motto ‘Never sit in the comfy chair’ she has often deliberately made the uncomfortable decision, chosen the difficult path.

Perhaps for our ordinary hazel-nuts to become extra-ordinary trees, for our ordinary water to become extra-ordinary wine we may need to sit in an uncomfortable chair.

I love mixed metaphors!

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