Why Me Lord?

Why me Lord?
What have I ever done
To deserve even one
Of the pleasure I’ve known?
Tell me, Lord,
What did I ever do
That was worth lovin’ you
For the kindness you’ve shown?

Kris Kristofferson describes his experience in church:

‘‘Is anybody feeling lost?’ Up goes my hand…

‘If anybody is ready to accept Jesus, come down to the front of the church.’… I found myself getting up…

‘Are you ready to accept Christ? Kneel down there…’

…and I carry a big load of guilt around… it was such a release for me that I found myself weeping in public and I felt this forgiveness…’

From his profound religious experience Kristofferson wrote ‘Why Me’.

Try me, Lord,
If you think there’s a way
I can try to repay
All I’ve takin’ from you.
Maybe, Lord,
I can show someone else
What I’ve been through myself
On my way back to you.

Why me?

In tough times friends ask ‘Why me? What Have I done to deserve this?’

Like Kristofferson I ask ‘Why me?’ grateful for the good things I have, that I don’t deserve.

Encountering God

Some friends would explain Kristofferson’s experience rationally, psychologically; some identify with him; some long for such a God-encounter.

I know good people who have encountered God in profound life-changing ways; there are times when I have encountered God; I aspire to know more…


Striving for personal, self-contained independence is both unrealistic and dangerous.

Like Kristofferson I come humbly, knowing that I mess up and need help. I need other people. Above all I need help from a power greater than me that he calls Jesus.

Lord help me Jesus
I’ve wasted it so help me Jesus
I know what I am.
But now that I know
That I needed you so help me Jesus
My soul’s in your hand.


Kris Kristofferson (born 1936) one of the biggest names in country music, wrote and recorded ‘Why me?’ in 1972

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