Purpose, People and Power

I’m musing on three words – old companions.


We need purpose.

I think of friends who have lost sight of purpose and motivation – through redundancy, retirement, family breakdown or the stress of lockdown.

Others have discovered fresh purpose through home schooling; new interests discovered and developed; a successful diet or exercise regime; fresh opportunities through working from home.

Some find purpose in relationships; in the satisfaction of a job well done; in the dream holiday; the simple walk through the woods or along the sea-shore. Some find purpose through their faith.

We need a purpose to live for.


We need people.

I think of friends who have mental ill-health through social isolation; feel robbed through bereavement; missed important weddings, funerals, birthdays, anniversaries; feel distant from friends and family.

Others have appreciated people in a new way; developed new friendships; contacted friends and family more through phone and social media; sought and found new love.

We all have people who are central to our lives. Family members, friends who have stuck with us through mistakes and disappointments. Those with faith might understand this in the person of Jesus.

We need a people to live with.


We need power.

I think of friends who feel powerless; decisions about what to do, who to see or where to go taken out of their hands; losing their pride in being self-contained and independent.

Others have felt empowered to take control of their lives in a new way; making decisions about relationships, finances, employment, faith; determined that whatever difficulty they face they will respond positively.

Some emphasise physical power – eating, exercising, staying healthy; others mental power – the daily crossword, staying intellectually stimulated; others personal power – being in control. Some will talk of spiritual power, an indwelling divine spirit.

We need a power to live by.

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