Finishing Well

Initial Musings:

  • Starting well is easy – a diet, a hobby, a marriage… We have little control over our start to life.
  • Finishing life well may mean many possessions, a comfortable relaxing retirement, holidays, a long life, a pain–free death…
  • Some lose their way, losing employment, family, identity, purpose or direction for life. Longing to be the people they were…
  • My 70th birthday reminded me – I am nearer the finish than the start!

Further Musings…

Self-Reflection: I must behonest about myself. I accept myself for who I am now, not what I used to be or would like myself to be. I don’t have to be impressive and spectacular.

Accepting my weaknesses and limitations I can still improve and develop. I can be more loving, compassionate, humble and authentic – more like Jesus.

People matter:  People bring richness and depth to life. Different people of all cultures and backgrounds. Young and older, coherent and confused, dis-abled and en-abled…

I can enjoy people. All are made in God’s image, known, valued and loved by my heavenly Father. Everybody has something to teach me.

Positive Focus: I recognise what is important to me – family, relationships, faith… I live intentionally, enthusiastically, making positive choices. Life isn’t ‘what happens to me.’

I don’t live in the past, focusing on nostalgia, regrets or anxiety. I accept that I have no control over much that changes: I take ownership of things I can change.

Live in time: I take a long term view. I run my race with perseverance – I hope and pray that I have a few laps in me yet

Living one day at a time I make the most of today, its opportunities, the people I encounter, the sights I enjoy, the memories I create.

I look for opportunities to walk with, help or encourage another traveller.  

P.S. Musings:

  • Over the years I have read books on this subject; today I have avoided the thoughts of others and quotes from their work.
  • I have read and heard super-spiritual stuff from people more qualified than me: some focus more on the end and heaven rather than finishing the last few laps well
  • This is how I feel today – tomorrow may be different with different priorities
  • Recognising that I am not the runner I was (literal or metaphorical!) I am encouraged by Paul’s advice ‘I delight in weaknesses, in insults, in hardships, in persecutions, in difficulties. For when I am weak then I am strong.’ (2 Corinthians 12:10)

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