Upside Down

Upside-down world

Tables outside local pubs and cafes are upside-down…

Coronavirus has turned individual lives upside-down. Distanced families, home schooling, bereavement, sickness, mental health, unemployment, cancelled holidays…

Coronavirus has turned the world upside-down – global pandemic, national debt, international trade and travel…

The Black Lives Matters movement would turn the world upside-down, re-considering racism, prejudice and moral values…

Upside-down humour

Humour often turns ideas upside-down.

‘I’ve decided to sell my Hoover – it was just collecting dust.’ …You thought that Hoovers collecting dust was good!

‘ – that’s a site for sore eyes.’ …You see an unpleasant eye infection in a new way!

‘A friend of mine always wanted to be run over by a steam train. When it happened, he was chuffed to bits!’ …How can death be funny?

An upside-down world is sometimes comforting.

Upside-down faith

The Biblical God turns lives upside-down –Noah, Abraham, Joseph, Moses, Daniel, Peter, Paul…

Jesus turned values, ways of thinking and established religion upside-down. The meek, the mourning and the merciful are blessed. Heavenly treasures are more valuable than earthly treasures. The inner heart is more important than the visible life and reputation…

After Jesus’ death the church preached a gospel and presented a way of life that turned individuals, society and the whole world upside-down…

Upside-down wisdom

The problem we face with anything upside-down: Do we leave it upside-down or do we turn it back up ’downside-down’?

Sometimes lives turned upside-down is positive – falling in love, a baby is born, winning a literal or metaphorical lottery.

As we discover a ‘new normal’ should it have been the normal in the first place? Is it a better normal?

In our upside-down world we need wisdom to discern which bits are best left upside-down, which bits we should turn back to downside-down, and which bits we have no control over.


Upside-down world – My musing started when I went to sit at a bench that had been turned upside-down… these are well-worn themes of recent weeks and months

Upside-down humour – Thanks to Tim Vine’s one liners…

Upside-down faith – ‘Upside-downness’ is a theme that runs through the whole Biblical narrative…

Upside-down wisdom – I guess that this is the heart of my musing this morning…

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