The Long and Winding Road

Musing on pilgrimage I remembered the old Beatles song:

The long and winding road that leads to your door
Will never disappear
I’ve seen that road before it always leads me here
Leads me to your door.

Yesterday we heard that Alicia was in hospital with an undiagnosed illness. Clive is home from hospital but unwell. Janet, Neville and family have all been diagnosed with coronavirus. Barbara recently moved into a care home…

The long and winding road for them and their families…

The wild and windy night that the rain washed away
Has left a pool of tears crying for the day.

It’s national ‘mental health awareness week’.

My friend Phil* was exceedingly anxious because he fears that his mind might be going. Bob* the TV repair man spoke of many that he visited who were anxious and fearful.

Darrin, an American Pastor from Missouri took his life two weeks ago leaving a wife and four children.

Tony Slattery, the comedian, told of his battle with alcohol, substance abuse and mental ill-health.

Why leave me standing here, let me know the way
Many times I’ve been alone and many times I’ve cried

Anyway you’ll never know the many ways I’ve tried

The long and winding road is unknown.

Joshua, before defeating Jericho, spoke to the Israelites about ‘knowing which way to go since we have not passed this way before.’

Comfortable routines have been abandoned over the last two months. Anxiety and uncertainty have put lives on lockdown.

And still they lead me back to the long and winding road
You left me standing here a long, long time ago
Don’t leave me waiting here, lead me to your door.

The long and winding road is not for standing and waiting. It is for travelling on to reach our destination.


‘The Long and Winding Road’ written by Paul McCartney 1968 – but usually attributed to ‘The Beatles’

*Not real names

‘Mental Health and the church’ by Christy Wimber – Premier Christianity blog 18th May 2020 – speaks of Darrin Patrick’s suicide

Joshua 3:4

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