Holy Interruptions

The current coronavirus has come as an unwelcome interruption to our lives.

It has affected the way we work, or if we work and the way we care for or interact with our families; it has had an impact on friendships, on social meetings and regular activities. Our daily routines have been interrupted.

Some of us had planned holidays or parties. We were looking forward to a family event or a trip to the theatre. This interruption has been at best inconvenient or disappointing and at worst has brought anger, acute anxiety or bereavement.

For many this interruption is to do with our own health or the health of those around us. Those in hospital cannot be visited, those with hospital appointments have had them cancelled and those who are vulnerable must be protected from a potentially life-threatening illness.

Jesus told a story about four men going in the same direction down the same road. The first man had his journey interrupted as he was beaten up, robbed and left helpless and dying. The second and third man saw the injured, needy man, and walked past, choosing not to have their journey interrupted. The fourth man, the ‘Good Samaritan’, saw the needs of the injured man. He chose to allow his journey to be interrupted as he stopped, cared and provided for the needy, vulnerable man.

Dietrich Bonhoeffer, who died in a Nazi concentration camp, wrote, ‘We must be ready to allow ourselves to be interrupted by God. God will be constantly crossing our paths and cancelling our plans…’

We create plans and schedules for our lives that bring stability, security and purpose. However, God sometimes interrupts them. Our job is to recognise and welcome these God-interruptions and be willing to re-order our lives with flexibility and compassion.

Ref- Will van der Hart – Premier Christianity Blog 310320

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