Reflecting on Mirrors

On Monday I mentioned my daily looking in the bathroom mirror whilst shaving… They say a mirror doesn’t lie! That’s scary!

Snow White’s evil queen asked her mirror: ‘Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all?’ The queen’s speaking mirror couldn’t lie either!

The Disney film quote is ‘Magic mirror on the wall…’ Either way it’s certainly not me!

In a school assembly I announced that I had a picture. Holding it up with its back to the children I said that it was a picture of someone that everybody would recognise…

A ‘volunteer’ came and looked at it. They found they were looking into a mirror. I asked: ‘Do you recognise this person?’ ‘Would everybody here recognise them?’ Are they good looking?’…

I continued: ‘Do you like this person?’ ‘Is he/she a good person?’ ‘Do you think they have secrets we don’t know about?’…

Eventually I revealed that the ‘picture’ was a mirror; the volunteer was talking about themselves. I talked about how we see ourselves, our self-image, the sort of people we are, whether we like what we see…

In a small village there was a house with 1000 mirrors.

A small, cheerful girl visited. She clapped her hands and 1000 children clapped back at her. She laughed and 1000 children laughed. She often played there because there were thousands of happy children in the world’s happiest place.

A sad, angry man visit that same house. He looked around and saw thousands of angry men staring at him. He got scared and raised a fist to hit them. 1000 fists were raised to hit him back. He thought this is the worst place in the world. He left, never to return.

I’m reflecting(!!)…

…My shaving mirror’s familiarity – my daily self-reflection

…The wicked queen’s mirror’s truth-telling – seeking an honest appraisal

…My assembly mirror’s character examination – my self-image… asking difficult questions

…The house of mirrors’ effect – how my life may be reflected in thousands of others

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