Drifters and Trawlers

Lowestoft Harbour

I’ve heard many stories about the Lowestoft fishing industry… Small boats fishing off the beach… growth… bigger boats… drifters catching herring… trawlers catching cod, plaice, haddock… over-fishing… decline…

Musing… Sometimes we’re drifters – going with the flow, guided by the life’s winds and currents, taking opportunities when they come… Sometimes we’re trawlers – more direct, knowing what we want, having a greater sense of purpose, creating our own opportunities…

Lowestoft sailing drifter

Drifters: Several friends are nervously awaiting the results of scans, recovering from surgery, on a period of medication… required to drift, go with the flow, wait:

This morning Shaun is taking his dearly-loved, elderly, sick cat, to the vet; the outcome is uncertain. Later he has to go to his young nephew’s funeral. Tomorrow he has a hospital appointment regarding his very painful kidney stones… going through a drifting period.

Musing… Noah… animals all aboard… one of the greatest all-time drifters!

Lowestoft Sailing Trawler: ‘Excelsior

Trawlers: Other friends are taking exams, having an interview, moving house… they’ve a target, a direction, trawling away for a full net:

Victoria Arlen was determined to take part in the 2012 London paralympics. After a number of setbacks her mother said: ‘Don’t you ever let someone tell you what you can or can’t do. If you believe it and work hard for it, you can achieve anything. And don’t let anyone evr tell you different!’ Direct trawling!

Musing… Jonah… on a boat deliberately attempting to escape from his God.

Claire has a teenage daughter, Lottie… Recently Lottie has acquired a boyfriend… At times Claire has to drift, go with the flow, let Lottie grow up, make mistakes; at others she trawls, is more direct, makes ground-rules, protects Lottie from potential harm. Claire needs wisdom to know when to drift and when to trawl.

Noah and Jonah both learnt… whatever the prevailing weather conditions, the state of their boat, the location of big fish… drifting, journeying… their God was with them. Victoria discovered that… I pray that Shaun and Claire will too.

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