Violence and Love… Oscar, Marnie and Desmond

Oscar Romero was Archbishop of San Salvador at a time when priests were threatened, arrested, tortured and martyred. He was outspoken, standing up for poor, ordinary people, speaking against the oppression and violence of the military government.

On 24th March, 1980, Romero celebrated Mass at a small chapel at a hospital specializing in oncology and care for the terminally ill. A gunman entered the chapel and shot him.

Romero said: ‘The violence we preach is not the violence of the sword, the violence of hatred. It is the violence of love, of brotherhood, the violence that wills to beat weapons into sickles for work’.

Yesterday was the final of ‘The Apprentice’. Lord Sugar invited Marnie Swindells to be his business partner. Marnie’s is a remarkable story… a grieving 17 year old… boxing champion… coach… barrister… businesswoman… setting up ‘Bronx’ in Camberwell, South London: ‘Bronx strives to fight stereotypes, challenge conventions …a gym that transcends fitness by empowering lives, changing stories and bringing people together through boxing.’

‘Box alone, fight together. We want to use our gym as a place where the community can come together and feel and sense of belonging. A gym you can call home and friends you can call family. Everyone is welcome, always.’

Desmond Tutu said: ‘Many people ask me what I have learned from all of the experiences of my life, and I say unhesitatingly: People are wonderful. It is true. People are wonderful. This does not mean that people cannot be awful and do real evil…’

He talks about seeing with God’s eyes… seeing anger, hatred and cruelty coming from pain and suffering… having compassion.

‘…we can begin to see the light of God shining in them. And when we begin to look for the light of God in people, an incredible thing happens. We find it more and more in people – all people.’

Musing… Oscar’s violence of love… Marnie’s love and community through violence… Desmond’s experiencing violence, love… seeing wonderful people, God’s light.

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