No, No, No!

The Gary Lineker saga continues…

Home Secretary Sue Braverman: ‘No Immigrants’.

Gary: ‘No. I don’t agree’.

BBC: ‘No work for you, Gary.’

Gary’s colleagues: ‘No, we won’t work either, then.’

Football fans: ‘No ‘Match of the Day?!’’

BBC and Gary: ‘No compromise!’

Mikel Arteta responded to criticism of the celebrations, following Arsenal’s late winning goal against Bournemouth:

‘If you win in football you celebrate… [if] you want passion and emotion there is nothing better than scoring goals and winning football matches. So if not, you go to church… I won’t be telling the players not to celebrate on Sunday.’

Arteta: ‘Celebrations… No restrictions!’

Me: ‘Church – No passion, no emotion?’

Melanie C describes her insecurities in The Spice Girls: ‘I felt like I wasn’t one of the most popular members of the band or the highest profile member of the band or the most interesting member of the band.’ No confidence, no self-esteem… She turns her life round…

Mel: ‘No – I won’t be pushed around. No – I won’t be defined by my insecurities. No – I am confident in my ability.’

At Church yesterday Mike talked about ‘Tools With A Mission’ (TWAM):‘…a Christian charity that collects unwanted usable tools, refurbishes them… and sends them to the developing world for livelihood creation.

We send around 16 containers filled with… around 225 tonnes of tools every year… (ranging) from sewing machines and knitting machines to carpentry tools and mechanics tools.’

Mike described several African women… orphaned, forced into prostitution, given a sewing machine, trained to use it, life transformed…

TWAM: ‘No! poverty and prostitution aren’t acceptable!’

English person: ‘No – I don’t need this sewing machine… No – I won’t throw it away. I’ll give it to TWAM.’

African woman: ‘No! I won’t accept life as it is. No! There is an alternative!’

Musing… Gary, Michel, Mel, Mike… sometimes ‘No’ is seen as a negative word… ‘No!’ is a word of decision, of defiance. I won’t accept my world as it is. I will change it!

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