Scarified, Finished & Forgotten

I’ve bought a new electric raker/ scarifier for our grass. The theory is that it rakes out the moss and the weeds, and aerates the soil so that the grass can grow better. I’ve tried it out. It works well. I filled a large bin and two big sacks with debris and I’m only half way through!

Musing… looking at the lawn at the end of my efforts… Sometimes it feels like I’ve been raked and scarified by powerful spinning blades. I know that the intention is for long-term benefit, but I feel a cut and damaged mess…

We’ve finished our Christmas chocolate. That may be because we eat chocolate slowly, or because we received a vast quantity from generous friends. Either way, the last bar of aero is gone. Two months with good memories of chocolate appreciated and enjoyed has come to an end.

Musing… looking in the empty chocolate drawer… Sometimes, reflecting on my life, it isn’t the ‘half empty or half full?’ question, it’s more the totally empty feeling. Good memories of better times are no comfort. The drawer’s empty.  

‘Luca found this in his school bag today.’ Daughter-Jo reported on grandson-Luca. Luca’s bag had things in it that had been forgotten for months, buried under a mountain of daily ‘stuff’.

Musing… looking at the picture again… My memory holds items in it that haven’t seen the light of day for years. Sometimes I struggle to remember what has happened yesterday. My forgettery is bigger than my memory.

St Paul describes two ways… (2 Corinthians 4)

Strength and resilience… ‘Hard pressed but not crushed’… another version says ‘knocked down but not knocked out’.

Peace and Acceptance… Realising that my body and mind isn’t what it was, my situation’s not ideal, I’m not feeling too great… ’I do not lose heart’; I can still know ‘inward daily renewal’.

2 thoughts on “Scarified, Finished & Forgotten

  1. Hi Malcolm

    Certainly hits the spot today! experiencing the ’totally empty’ feeling just at present. Hard not to be crushed when hard pressed….

    Hope you and Rachel are both as Ok as can be… look forward too maybe catching up in the spring. – at ;east we Have a little bit of sunshine poking through the cloud this morning.



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  2. Thanks Beryl. Good to hear from you. We need the sunshine to poke through – especially when we are feeling the darkness. I love the 2 Corinthians 4 view of reality and how we can cope.


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