‘Cards On The Table’ Time

Maya wrote this. Her Mum, Esther, says ‘Maya wrote my to-do list. I think it might be perfect for each of us every day.’

I love the simplicity of Maya’s thinking. Be quiet; listen to Jesus; remember he died for us; hug. It’s also profound. Children sometimes get it better that adults.

Anton and Ethan told their stories in the second part of Chris Packham’s documentary ‘Inside Our Autistic Minds’. We saw the daily challenges they face… Anton’s need for routine and detailed planning, Ethan’s isolation and withdrawal…

I admire their courage, their openness in trying to explain their complex autism to friends and family… helping the misunderstood to be understood.

Cat posted: February 21st…the day I put down the drugs forever. 15 years ago today… I know people struggle to understand that when they think about the “me” they know today but I was a rock bottom addict. I neglected everything in my life in the pursuit of getting and using heroin, myself and my kids among the most notably neglected and abandoned…

I’ve seen something of Cat’s transforming journey…

Kate Forbes, Scottish National Party leadership candidate, has caused controversy by expressing her religious views… she would have voted against gay marriage when it was made legal… having children outside of marriage is ‘wrong’.

Regardless of my opinions I respect her right to express her Christian views openly… In the debate about sexuality and marriage where liberal views are praised, it seems ‘illiberal’ to dismiss her views.

Yesterday… Maya, Anton & Ethan, Cat, Kate… laying their cards on the table… telling their story, expressing their views with openness and honesty, Each moved me, challenged me, helped my understanding.

And me? It’s easier hold my cards closely to my chest… choosing which cards I play and when I play them… remaining in control. But ‘Cards on the table’ time… displaying my full hand?

Musing… Today’s Ash Wednesday… a day for self-examination. I’m challenged to let go of a few more cards…

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