Disappointments & 5 ‘S’s

Tuesday… We bought new phones. Our old ones needed replacing. Beth, the kind assistant in Tesco’s transferred our data to our new phones. We got home. I couldn’t find things. I couldn’t do things as before. I panicked… as I do with anything technical.

Wednesday… We went out for a meal. I booked somewhere we’d never been before – recommended by friends. We were looking forward to it… We were the only ones there and were faced with a menu that didn’t appeal to us. We left disappointed.

Thursday… I arranged to meet a friend I hadn’t seen for a couple of years. I rushed through tea and cycled a couple of miles to meet him. He didn’t turn up…

The phone’s now OK… we found somewhere else to eat and had a lovely meal… I enjoying sitting on my own…

Yesterday afternoon… chatting at our church community café with folks whose problems and disappointments are much bigger than mine…

Tracey’s husband had left her; she’s a single parent with two young daughters… Tess is still grieving; her son committed suicide… Kathy has a terminal illness… Derek has dementia – his wife Janet, his registered carer, has recently been in hospital… Gemma, has just had a week in respite care because of her mental and physical ill-health…

My disappointments are put in perspective…


Sadness… Disappointments and problems are part of life. We all face difficult questions without easy answers. There are no exemptions.

Strength… From acceptance I need the strength to face my demon, bereavement, darkness, failure… and the courage to live with it.

Steps… I need to take one step at a time, live one day at a time, move forward, make progress… Remaining stationary isn’t an option.

Solutions… Some of my problems do have solutions; action needs to be taken so that there is resolution; I may need help…

Soaring… I can come through with gratitude for strength received, undeserved gifts, secure friendships, deeper faith, peaceful joy, certain hope…

2 thoughts on “Disappointments & 5 ‘S’s

  1. Hi Malcolm when faced with all the things you mention just to sit and listen on YouTube to Graham Kendrick ” Holy Overshadowing” is a great perspective restorer. God Bless

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