Less… Valentine, Stumperies & Joshua


Valentine’s day – the day for dramatic, outrageous declarations and demonstrations of love. We chatted to Beth, a helpful assistant in Tesco’s, who’s in her early 20s but looked younger. She and her partner were going to have a quiet night in, watching a film.

We identified with her inactivity, often feeling energy-less, activity-less, young-less… just less…

News items..

…The deadly earthquake in Turkey and Syria… Many good, generous people are donating to charities to bring relief and aid… Thousands of scammers are capitalizing on this, tricking people to give .money that will be used for their personal gain…

…The increasing abuse of football referees… Referees give their time and efforts, often for free; they do their best, only to be verbally and sometimes physically abused by players and touchline critics. Parents watching their children play are often the worst…

I feel power-less…

…We went to Raveningham Gardens. There was a beautiful display of snowdrops and aconites… a clear blue sky… spring was in the air.

We walked through the stumpery. Old dead life-less, use-less tree stumps brought together in an area of woodland, creating a wonderful habitat for ferns and other plants, wild-life and mini-beasts.

Musing… old roots that used to have lifegiving purpose to a tree… now apparently use-less and purpose-less… only good for disposal or burning… have new beauty in their age, have been re-purposed, proving a habitat for younger life. There’s hope for me yet!

This morning… Reading Joshua…

Joshua was an older man… at an age when many of us would consider retirement. Having been Moses assistant for 40 years he’s now called to lead Israel… Like King Charles – having waited in the wings for years he’s now got to step up.

His God says: ‘Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go.’

It’s not about being power-less, use-less or young-less… God’s presence gives strength and makes the difference.

2 thoughts on “Less… Valentine, Stumperies & Joshua

  1. I like Joshua 1:9 a lot. This morning I shoveled a path through last nights snow storm. 5 minutes of invigorating exercise followed by 30 minutes of death defying last gasp labor. I will resemble your first picture for awhile.

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  2. Thanks Gary. I identify with your sentiments. I like the Joshua command too… It was one of the scriptures I was brought up with… but I think it meant something different to me then. Today it’s about making best use of the (more limited!) strength that I have.

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