Include The Children

Following Monday’s two huge earthquakes in southern Turkey and northern Syria… More than 9,600 deaths are reported– a number that’s expected to grow. The Turkish authorities report that 37,000 people have been injured and 8,000 have been retrieved from the rubble…

Rescuers have spent a second freezing-cold night desperately searching for survivors trapped under the rubble. There is something particularly poignant when it’s a child pulled out…

This picture from Red Oak Primary School shows grandson-Luca addressing his school:

Well done to our Digital Leaders who have been practicing hard to help deliver an assembly today as part of Safer Internet Day. This year the theme is  ‘Want to talk about it? Making space for conversations about life online’.

Many would consider that a subject as serious and important as online safety should be dealt with by adults. Congratulations to Red Oak for realising that children can do it.

A teacher friend told me of a class visit to Southwold church. Mr Robinson, the teacher, was cross when he saw Jimmy messing about up in the pulpit. Calling Jimmy down he brought the class together:

‘Jimmy! Would you like to explain to the class what you were doing up in the pulpit?’

‘I’m sorry Mr Robinson, I can’t.’

‘Then would you like to explain to the class why you can’t explain what you were doing?

‘I’m sorry I can’t do that either.’

‘And why would that be, Jimmy?’

‘Because, Mr Robinson, that’s between me and God.’

Reading Deuteronomy… 3,400 years ago the Jewish nation was establishing social, cultural and religious expectations. A repeated requirement involved ‘sons, daughters, menservants, maidservants, Levites, aliens, fatherless and widows…’ All were included, regardless of gender, class, race or family background.

Too often these days either there are no children in faith communities, or children are withdrawn for ‘activities and fun’ whilst adults do ‘proper faith’.

Musing… ‘Include the Children’ – in rescuing from danger… telling out important messages… enabling an understanding of, and engagement with, God.

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