Never Alone

In my time, I’ve travelled some roads
A rolling stone
Nowhere feels like home
And I’ve seen people come, then they go
Life is just a story of some highs and some lows

We all have a story to tell – roads travelled, coming and going, highs and lows. We get older, our stories get longer…

Yesterday Geoff told me his… many brothers and sisters, years in the air-force, family, managing pubs and hotels, frustrating illness…

Everybody wants to be king
We put all our hope inside material things
In Your light, I now understand
That everything I have ain’t everything that I am

Oh, sometimes I feel like I’m not good enough
But that’s when love says you’re mine

The week’s been really tough for a number of friends… tears, pain, shame… helplessness as loved ones suffer… My experience, and theirs, is that in all of the tough stuff we aren’t alone.

One friend yesterday, talking about personal illness and family problems he couldn’t solve, described strength gained by ‘leaning into Jesus…’

I’ve cried many rivers
I’ve walked through some pain
I’ve seen my world crumble
And I’ll carry the shame
But I know somebody, He calls me His own
I can hear Heaven singing out
Oh-oh-oh, you’re never alone

This song reminds me….

…Suffering and pain is part of life. No one’s exempt. There’s no ticket to an easy option

…Somehow failure, imperfections and brokenness can be transformed into beauty.

…When I feel most alone I know I’m not; my loving God is with me. He has a plan.

…The older I get… the more I don’t understand… the deeper and more certain my faith.

Oh, I may have took some time
But now I realize
My imperfections were a part of Your plan
And if all things work together in the end
The broken will be beautiful

There’s not a hole too deep
That God’s love is not deeper still
You’ve come too far to give up now

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