Just Unacceptable

David and Victoria Beckham and their family often attract media attention…

I enjoyed Victoria’s report that 11-year-old Harper said: ‘Mummy, I’ve seen some pictures of you when you were in the Spice Girls and your skirts were just unacceptable. They were just too short.’

A plaque has been placed on a lamp-post on the road from Blackpool Airport to Morecambe commemorating Rishi Sunak not wearing a seatbelt. I smiled.

In the style of the English Heritage tributes which mark birth places, residences and achievements through history, the plaque reminds us that for anyone – especially the Prime Minister – not to wear a seatbelt is just unacceptable.

Yesterday the Welsh Rugby Union (WRU) banned the singing of the popular old Tom Jones song ‘Delilah’ at rugby matches.

There have been allegations sexism, racism and homophobia at the WRU; the song’s lyrics, describe the murder of a woman by her boyfriend…

They announced: ‘The WRU condemns domestic violence of any kind… we are respectfully aware that (Delilah) is problematic and upsetting to some supporters because of its subject matter.’

Delilah’s just unacceptable.

Comedian Rosie Jones was on ‘The One Show’ last night, speaking about the ableist abuse she receives because of her cerebral palsy and her continuing determination to speak up for minorities.

Previously she’s said that being a disabled comedian gives her ‘…a platform where I can speak more seriously about what it’s like to be disabled and gay and a woman in this country right now… this country needs to be a better and more accepting place to live in.’

Discrimination and prejudice is just unacceptable.

Musing on the continuing debate between Christians about gay marriage.

Some say: ‘The Bible says that marriage is between one man and one woman. Gay marriage is just unacceptable.’

Others say: ‘Jesus loved and accepted everyone unconditionally. To reject anybody because of their sexuality is just unacceptable.’

I would add: ‘To see the church divided and lacking in compassion towards Christian brothers and sister… that’s just unacceptable.’

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