Curtain’s Up

Curtain’s up on another week. There’s a weekly show that I feature in called ‘My Life’. It’s show that’s been running… well, all of my life. There’s a daily performance, no rehearsals and an unwritten script.

Other actors share my stage – a longsuffering wife, and good, reliable friends who I depend on to play their parts well. There’s an audience that comes and goes; following the plot they sometimes join me on stage….

Other shows have a wider audience. In the UK this weekend ‘Nadhim Zahawi’s sacking’ was watched by many… a tragedy that included some comedy.

‘The killing of Tyre Nichols’ is an American tragedy from Memphis that has lessons for us all. I fear it will be forgotten too quickly…

‘The Harry and Meghan Show’ started in England, moved to the US and has had a mixed reception by both audience and critics.  

The international epic ‘Ukraine’ is a long running drama… that won’t have a happy ending.

Yesterday at church Ben talked about Jesus’ story of the mustard seed… He said: ‘Small seeds can grow to big trees…’ The apparently tiny and insignificant has the potential to have a huge influence

I may think that my show is small and insignificant – unnoticed, poorly performed in some backstreet theatre. Ben’s message (actually Jesus’ message) is that the apparently unimportant show can have a big impact.

My friends are all performing in their own shows this week. This is my prayer for them… and me…

‘The Lord bless…’ God is the expert. In Jesus he’s had exemplary acting experience. Now we can invite him to direct our shows

‘…make his face shine…’ Our stage needs to be lit with God’s light of truth and integrity… showing the quality and consistency of our performance.

‘…be gracious…’ God is also audience, critic and proud, loving parent, wanting his children to perform well.

‘…give you peace…’ Whether this week is comedy, tragedy… drama, pantomime… our God can give us His peace.

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