…There were reports that ex-cricketer and TV presenter Freddie Flintoff is taking a break from his TV work commitments. He’s recovering from injuries sustained during a terrifying crash whilst filming ‘Top Gear’ last month.

The Sun reported: ‘He is putting his career on hold until he is in a better place mentally and physically, and can’t say when he will return to making TV shows.’

“As a loving husband and dad he understands the fear his family feel about what’s happened, knowing that he could have been killed.’

Although he’s determined to return to TV at some point, Freddie’s family life, and his full mental and physical recovery, are the priority.


Our local Read Oak Primary School showed some of the good things they’ve been doing this week – thermal insulation, collograph printing blocks, the holocaust… lots of children involved, enjoying their education, doing interesting and useful things…

I was amused that grandson Luca was under the heading ‘CHIMP’: ‘This week we have been teaching the whole school the importance of cleaning our teeth twice a day and in the correct way…’

I investigated further. ‘CHIMP’ stands for Children’s Health Is Mental and Physical

It’s a programme that a number of our local primary schools follow, about positive lifestyles – including physical activities, sleep, screen time, eating and drinking healthily, emotions, hobbies, conversation, relationships…


I attended our ‘Music for Wellbeing’ group again. There was a wonderful mixture of good people, some with dementia, some with physical conditions and disabilities, carers, helpers… there were cups of tea, instruments, gentle exercise, a lot of happy noise and laughter.

Some had been to Fred’s funeral earlier. He was remembered with warmth and smiles. Helen led us as we sung ‘O When the saints’, ‘Danny Boy’, ‘Morningtown Ride’ with enthusiasm. There was friendship and community. It was a ‘warm space’ in every sense.

We’re learning and practicing SHRIMPS – Senior’s Health Really Is Mental Physical, Social…

Perhaps the final ‘S’ could stand for ‘spiritual’…

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