I Need Change

Our son Pete lives with us. In recent years his room’s become shabby. A couple of months ago we decided to act…

Pete chose the colour of the paint and a new carpet. Last weekend we cleared his room. This week it’s been decorated. Yesterday the new carpet was fitted. There’s new curtains up and new furniture’s ordered.

It looks good.

Sometimes I need change to freshen things up.

Yesterday I went to Helen’s ‘Music For Wellbeing’ group – not knowing what to expect… There were folks with dementia and their carers… able-bodied, able-minded folks… folks with impairments, in wheelchairs… I wasn’t sure which category I fitted into…

I was welcomed… offered percussion instruments and a cup of tea… Helen led with compassion, skill and a smile. About 30 of us sang through a variety of songs with enthusiasm and enjoyment. Music for wellbeing it certainly was!

I think I’ll go again

Sometimes change improves my wellbeing.

Yesterday I heard… The original Humpty Dumpty wasn’t an egg! It was a cannon that was on the city wall surrounding Colchester…

In 1648 Colchester was being defended by royalist troops against Cromwell’s parliamentary army. A shot from a parliamentary cannon damaged the wall beneath ‘Humpty Dumpty’, causing it to fall. The Royalists (all the King’s men) attempted to mend the heavy, broken Humpty Dumpty. They ‘couldn’t put Humpty together again’.

Apparently that’s the story!

Sometimes I need to change what I think I know.

A number of friends are facing uncertainties… in the middle of a course of hospital treatment… elderly parents with deteriorating health… anxious about decisions to be made…

In the old Bible story the dying Jacob gives a final blessing to Joseph (without his amazing technicolour dreamcoat) ‘…the God who has been my shepherd all my life to this day…’

Remembering ‘Amazing Grace’s’ 250th anniversary… ‘Twas grace that brought me safe thus far and grace will lead me home.’

Sometimes in changing times I need the reassurance of my faith.

6 thoughts on “I Need Change

    1. Thanks Mark. I’m aware that as I get older change isn’t always welcome, but it’s unavoidable – sometimes it’s good for me, and to be welcomed; at other time I have to learn to live with it!


  1. I guess God must be feeling pretty popular right now. I find myself “liking” more of “His” posts on Facebook since my nightmare. I’m sure’ as usual, my hunger for God will wear off the farther I get from that nightmare, but I hope not.

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