Getting What You Deserve

Norwich City have got a new manager. Recent results have been poor; Dean Smith’s been sacked and David Wagner appointed.

It’s hoped that Norwich can ‘restart their season’ and ‘give the fans what they deserve.’ I’m not sure what Norwich fans ‘deserve’… I think some friends, fans of other football clubs, would have different opinions to me!

I watch the news… Innocent civilians in Ukraine don’t deserve to have their homes destroyed, their loved ones killed or their children traumatised by sights of injury and death.

My view of striking ambulance drivers, teachers or rail workers depends on balancing giving professionals getting what they deserve – and ensuring that the public get what they deserve.

And as for Prince Harry getting what he deserves…

In Sunday’s ‘Call the Midwife’, Sister Julienne is treating Lillian Reynolds, a pregnant mother who discovers that she has cancer…

Lillian asks: ‘Is God punishing me, Sister?’ Sister Julienne replies: ‘The God I know is full of love.’ Lillian responds: ‘He’s got a funny way of showing it…’

In that brief exchange they summarise the challenge of understanding sickness and a suffering world, a God of love, and ‘getting what we deserve’.

Jacob’s 12 sons have a sister, Dinah, who’s raped and taken by a young man – ‘Shechem’. Dinah’s brothers, Simeon and Levi, administer what they believe to be justice, killing Shechem, his family and the community, looting the city and taking Dinah back home…

Taking the law into your own hands and giving people what you think they deserve is a principle that people still live by.

January 1st was the 250th anniversary of John Newton publishing the hymn ‘Amazing Grace.’

In Sunday school I learnt: ‘Justice is getting what you deserve; mercy is not getting what you deserve; grace is getting what you don’t deserve.’

Newton thought he was a saved wretch, a lost man being found, a blind man now seeing. ‘Amazing Grace’ was ‘getting he didn’t deserve’. I appreciate that grace too.

4 thoughts on “Getting What You Deserve

  1. I sometimes think the ‘G’ in God is there to remind us of His amazing ‘G’race towards us. We’d all be in deep yogurt if we got what we deserved Malcolm.

    “He has not dealt with us after our sins; or rewarded us according to our iniquities.” – Psalm 103:10


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