That’s Families For You!

Yesterday I heard about 10-year-old Rory. Rory told his mum he wanted a particular scooter for Christmas. Mum bought the one that he asked for – but when her received it he didn’t like it.

Currently Rory is refusing to use his new scooter; parents are saying that as he chose it, it can’t now be replaced… That’s families for you!

Prince Harry’s autobiography ‘Spare’ hit the headlines yesterday. Apparently it contains details of arguments, resentments and acrimony… with his brother Prince William, father King Charles, and stepmother Camilla… hurts regarding his wife Meghan.

We see the public shattering of a damaged family and no progress towards solutions… That’s families for you!

This morning I read… Abraham and Sarah are married. Their God has promised them a huge family; both are getting older and childless. They get impatient… Abraham sleeps with Sarah’s maidservant Hagar who gets pregnant and has a son, Ishmael.

This leads to resentments, ill-treatment and broken relationships… That’s families for you!

Yesterday we learnt that Levi and Bella have just got engaged. They’ll be planning their future believing in love, happiness, family and a positive future.

Many friends have had a lovely Christmas with their families, enjoying and appreciating each other’s company. Christmas was a good time of laughter, joy and security… And I’m grateful… this is the 51st Christmas and New Year I’ve spent with Rachel and our family.

This morning’s story of Abraham, Sarah and Hagar… when things were bad and there seemed no solution to their family problems God speaks to Hagar, the outsider. She calls the place where she encounters God ‘Ber Lehai Roi’ which means ‘You are the God who sees me.’

I refuse to believe that all families are bound to be damaged by problems and difficulties. I still believe in marriage and family, that in families we can discover peace and strength, and that when things are bad, God is still there seeing everything… That’s families for you!

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