Join The Dots

As a child I loved ‘join the dots’ sheets. It enabled a child who couldn’t draw create a recognisable picture and provided an enjoyable challenge.

My daily blog has become ‘joining the dots’… people I’ve met, places I’ve been, stories I’ve heard, books I’ve read, daily news… thoughts going round in my head… trying to create a recognisable picture.


…Taking down our Christmas decorations… Indoor lights are in the loft, outside lights in the garage, cards in a pile, Christmas tree deconstructed… Christmas has ended.

…Reading about Kodak… In 1976 selling 85% of American cameras… In 1996 taking $16 billion in sales of cameras and films… In 2012 going bankrupt. Kodak didn’t adapt to the new age of digital cameras …

…Chatting to Tom… Tom’s job had made him anxious, stressed and grumpy. In 2022 he handed his job on. Now Tom’s more relaxed; he smiles a lot more; I noticed the change – he says his wife has too!

…Chatting to Derek… Derek has been restless, uncertain about his future. He’s reflected and prayed. He recently had an job interview. He didn’t get it but that’s OK. He’ll continue in his current role with greater reassurance and peace.

On Sunday…

…Reflecting on Jesus words: ‘Don’t worry’. In church Ray talked about 2023…

…Hearing ‘You’ll Never Walk Alone’. That song always speaks to me… I’m not walking alone in 2023… I walk with family, friends, my God…

This morning…

…Our doorbell rang. A delivery driver handed me a parcel. The label said, ‘Rachel Short FRAGILE.’ I know that with my wife I must ‘handle with care’; it’s also true of those I’m walking with… many are fragile.

…Reading the story of Noah… musing on the verse: ‘Noah was a righteous man, blameless among the people of his time, and he walked with God.’

…Joining the dots… Christmas ending… Kodak ending badly… Tom ending well… Derek continuing well… progressing without anxiety… walking with others… treating others gently… walking with my God.

2 thoughts on “Join The Dots

  1. Many thanks for the dot to dot printed off the top one. It reminded me of the assemble that Phil Filer did re penguins on the Falkland islands. Many thanks Mark

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