Please Help!

Yesterday morning I received a seed catalogue in the post. Pages of pictures… different varieties of vegetables, herbs, fruit and flowers… Apparently I should be choosing seeds to plant in the spring.

D.T. Brown, Growers & Merchants, Premium Seeds and Plants, (Est 1908) wish to help me…

I had breakfast with my friend Peter who introduced me to the charity ‘Mary’s Meals’ that provides school meals to vulnerable children living in some of the world’s poorest communities. ’The promise of a good meal attracts these hungry children into the classroom, giving them the energy to learn and hope for a better future.’

Mary’s Meals already feeds more than two million children every day. For just £15.90 I can help a child by providing food and education for a year…

Yesterday afternoon our email account was hacked. All of our email contacts were told ‘…I quickly need your HELP and I’d gladly appreciate it you could email me back.’

One or two kind friends responded and were told about my niece who had a heart operation, both parents had died to COVID… She needs a birthday present so please send me some money.

It’s all a scam. I don’t have a niece in this situation; I don’t need such help.

It’s all a scam. I don’t have a niece in this situation; I don’t need such help.

In the evening we watched the final part of the beautifully told TV drama ‘Mayflies’. Lifelong friends Jimmy and Tully are grappling with the news that Tully has been diagnosed with terminal cancer. The situation becomes more difficult when Tully asks Jimmy to help him travel to Switzerland to die on his own terms. Tully’s loving wife Anna opposes Tully’s assisted dying…

This morning I’m reading Revelation. It describes a new world where God will ‘…wipe every tear from their eyes. There will be no more death or mourning or crying or pain…’

No help will be required for hungry children, sick nieces or the terminally ill…

…but today we shall need help sorting out our still-non-functioning email!!

2 thoughts on “Please Help!

  1. My email was similarly hacked a few months ago Malcolm . . . Aggravating! I contacted my email provided and they rectified the hack.

    It appeared to have occurred when pics were attached to my emails, so I no longer do so. I told everyone on my mailing list that they can access my pics via my blog posted on the more secure Word Press server if they so wish.

    A positive spinoff of doing this is that it has resulted in less email ‘marginal clutter’ in everyone’s mailboxes, a welcome time saver.

    Happy New Year brother.

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