Christmas Cancellations

The University of Brighton has issued a directive advising staff not to use the word ‘Christmas’ because it is too ‘Christian-centric’ and runs the risk of insulting non-Christians. Instead they should refer to the end of term as the ‘winter closure period’.

The UK is increasingly a secular country… Christmas is cancelled.

Tonight we were due to see ‘The Nutcracker’ at the Seagull. Yesterday we received the email: ’With a very heavy heart we unfortunately have had to cancel the remaining performances of our Christmas show “The Nutcracker.” Sadly, we have been hit with a number of illnesses amongst the cast…’

The Christmas show is cancelled

Yesterday there was a significant backlash against Jeremy Clarkson for his article in The Sun about Meghan Markle. Politicians and celebrities condemned his words; he offered a half-baked apology. Whatever our view of Harry and Meghan writing like this can never be acceptable.

Clarkson… Christmas joy is cancelled.

I was walking round a local store. David Essex’s ‘Winter’s Tale’ was playing. It’s a song of loneliness, memories and love that’s died:  

It was only a winter’s tale
Just another winter’s tale
And why should the world take notice
Of one more love that’s failed…

Essex… Christmas love is cancelled.

Musing… Christmas cancellations…

…Winter darkness is cancelled as light comes into the world – both literal Christmas lights and Jesus’ figurative light.

…Winter death and dormancy is cancelled in a baby’s new life.

…God’s glory is temporarily cancelled as the eternal creator becomes flesh in Jesus.

…Exclusion is cancelled. Teenage mother Mary, working-class carpenter Joseph, smelly poor shepherds, rich educated wise men, religious devout Simeon, very old prophetess Anna… all are included.

…Prejudice is cancelled. People of contrasting ages, classes, nationalities, religions and cultures… are united around a tiny baby in a manger…

…Today I find joy-lessness, love-lessness and hope-lessness cancelled.

2 thoughts on “Christmas Cancellations

  1. Hi Malcolm, we were due to see The Nutcracker. It’s a good job you mentioned it as I haven’t heard from Karen yet.

    With regards to Clarkson’s vitriol, I find H & M absolutely pathetic but shouldn’t an editor have spiked his article?


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