Connection… Flow… Results.

It’s time for autumn/winter pruning. A couple of weeks ago I started on the bushes and shrubs in our front garden. I wanted to finish them last Saturday. ‘Use the electric hedge-trimmer,’ Rachel suggested. Good plan.

I got out the extension cable, plugged it in, switched it on. As they say locally, ‘Job’s a good ‘un’. Electric connection and flow… good results – well-trimmed bushes. Until the inevitable happened. I cut through the cable! No connection. No flow. No result… well, different result!

Last night was ‘Seekers and Dreamers’ – Christmas carols at ‘The Seagull’. It was a good evening with a full theatre – lots of talking, singing, laughing, drinking…

I enjoyed the music-making – an annual get-together with Ian, Ivan, Tom and Daniel. We connected with each other, various instruments and the music… ideas, creative skills (subject to our limitations!) flowed… The result was the sound we made – and the effect it had on those listening.

Similarly for our friend Esther on a train journey last week. She connected with her situation and surroundings… her considerable artistic skills flowed… the result was this picture.

We’re invited to connect to the ‘Christmas spirit’… play the music, put up the decorations, buy the presents. We’re encouraged to let it flow through us – attend the parties, join in the carols, eat a little too much. The result – we’re told – is that we will be happier, rewarded, fulfilled.

Last night we remembered that there is something deeper to connect to… the story of a baby, the mystery of angels, the traditions of the ages. It’s as we make this intentional connection, that the message of peace, joy to all, Emmanuel – God with us, flows in us and through us.

As it flows through me there are results. I’m changed in my thoughts, words and actions. I see the world in a different light – where giving is more important than receiving, where the welfare of others is more important than my personal pleasure. And I’m content.

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