Do It All For Jesus

Yesterday Martin reminded me of this old song; I remember singing it…

In the 1950s we were very happy to accept these gender stereotypes that we cringe at today. The adults gave us this song because they believed it; we sung it sincerely and accepted it. I wonder what God thought. Did He think we’d got it wrong? We assume we’ve got it right now? What do we accept today that in 70 years will be ‘wrong’ and cringed at?

I found one version. Please sing along!

I still like it because it reminds me of…

…my Sunday School. They were good days. I owe a lot to those who taught me by their words and example. They showed me that faith and church could be fun and meaningful; they influenced my whole life.

…Jesus the centre. There I sung simple songs about Jesus ‘I’ll be a sunbeam for Jesus’, ‘Yes Jesus loves me’, ‘Do it all for Jesus’… I learnt then – and still believe – that Jesus is the centre of my faith.

…my duties. Life is made up of everyday things that I’m required to do – washing, gardening, home-maintenance… My God is part of the ordinary and mundane.

…what’s important. We put our words and actions into boxes and categories: work or play, self or others, significant or insignificant… This song reminds me that everything I do is important.

…‘Do for all for Jesus’. Everything I do is for Jesus, with Jesus, because of Jesus. He’s my teacher, mentor and inspiration, my shepherd, saviour and friend, my way, truth and life…

…’He did so much for me’ I believe he still does so much for me and will do so much for me. Jesus is the motivation because of what he’s done and who he is.

…St Paul’s words: ‘And whatever you do, whether in word or deed, do it all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through him.’ I’m thankful.

2 thoughts on “Do It All For Jesus

  1. Don’t think I have come across this song or perhaps the words before, even at my age !! although the tune seems familiar.
    Yes, I suppose today it would be termed as not, ” Politically Correct ” except for the Chorus.
    Perhaps could give it a try one Sunday morning !!
    Nothing against deep meaning powerful songs but feel that sometimes a simple worded song, can be just as effective in lots of ways.


  2. Martin suggested we could sing it one Sunday! I agree, Keith. keeping it simple is often a good thing! Sometimes the old ‘children’s songs can speak to us in a deeper way that more complicated adult songs!


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