Conflict, Continuity and Consistency

I used to be bored by politics. The last 10 years have changed all that. ‘Unprecedented’ has become a cliché, and the daily soap opera acted out in Downing Street and Parliament lurches between tragedy and comedy.

Wednesday’s episode included conflict, resignations, un-resignations, a chaotic vote on fracking and a ‘joke’ that 10 Downing Street had become an Airbnb property ‘perfect for short stays’.

Yesterday’s episode included Liz Truss’ resignation, the plans to elect a new Conservative leader, the outworking of the Airbnb joke…

The drama continues today.

We (well, Rachel!) arranged for us to spend a few days in North Norfolk. Yesterday we left Lowestoft in the pouring rain. We arrived in Salthouses early afternoon; the rain had stopped but the sky was grey.   

We walked along the beach. Big waves came crashing in. A couple were sitting under an umbrella fishing. We walked past a pond where a heron looked at us suspiciously. A few miles away at Blakeney the first grey seal pup of the year has been born at England’s largest grey seal colony…

Whatever conflict happens in Westminster life continues… Some experience life’s continually pounding waves; others sit stoically under an umbrella; herons and seals just get on with it; life goes on.

In the evening we ate at the aptly named ‘George and Dragon’, Cley. The legend of George, the patron Saint of England, saving the life of the young girl, and protecting the defenceless, vulnerable villagers from the evil dragon, seemed particularly appropriate when considering political responsibility… There always will be the battle between good and evil.

This morning, reading Jesus’ words about consistency in leaders, seemed particularly appropriate: ‘Whoever can be trusted with very little can also be trusted with much, and whoever is dishonest with very little will also be dishonest with much.’

Musing todayConflicts – political, personal, moral, spiritual… Continuity – in nature, through life, in leadership and government… Consistency – the integrity of leaders that leads to trust and optimistic hope.

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