Build This House

All I have and all I am is Yours
there’s nothing that I have on earth
that doesn’t come from You.
I lay aside my pride and worldly worth;
serve You is the greatest thing
that I could ever do.

We sung this at church a couple of weeks ago; it’s being going round in my head ever since. I think of Jesus as the example, the teacher, the inspiration, even the Saviour… but this is saying much more. It’s talking about a God-centred life, totally dedicated to Him.

So easy to desire what others have,
Instead of seeing all the gifts that You have given me.
So help me fan the flame which You began,
And burn in me a love for You that all will clearly see

This challenges me. I can wish I had someone else’s character, talents, opportunities, life… But I’m me, here, today, with the gifts, personality and situation. The God who started working in me many years ago can and will continue the work that he started.

For unless You build this house,
I am building it in vain.
Unless the work is Yours,
there is nothing to be gained.
I want something that will stand
when Your holy fire comes;
something that will last,
and to hear You say ‘well done’…

Jesus’ well-known story about the two builders who built their houses on the rock and the sand is about the foundation I build my life on. The ancient psalm ‘borrowed’ for this song takes the picture much further…

The ‘house’ of my life… or particular parts or projects I may identify… God is the designer, architect, site manager, builder… He also bought the house, and now he lives in it…

Unless God builds my house, my building efforts are a waste of time… And that house, my life construction, well-built or a crumbling ruin, stands there for all to see, My prayer is…

…giving glory to You, Lord,
glory to You, Lord.

4 thoughts on “Build This House

  1. Although I enjoy your musings Malcolm, I have to take issue with the words of the song a wee bit.

    “There’s nothing that I have on earth that doesn’t come from You.”

    What about someone with cancer or any other nasty disease? Not a particularly nice way for your god to test the fortitude of someone I’m thinking.

    “Unless the work is Yours, there is nothing to be gained.”

    I’d hope that any achievements I had with the many children I taught over the years were as worthwhile as a believer’s. I hope I care for those I love and, others, without thought of heavenly reward. But then can altruism exist? Do we not all still feel a little self-righteous when we perform spontaneous acts of kindness?

    Just my musings of course Malcolm.

    Take care


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