Survivors, Not Victims.

Former Spice Girl Melanie Brown was at the Conservative party conference calling for more support for domestic abuse victims.

‘..I couldn’t pick up the phone to call my mum, my friends, I didn’t have access to anything, and you think, well, Spice Girls are all about girl power. But let me tell you, when these abusers get their hooks into you, there is no way out…’

 ‘…Abuse happens to everyone, regardless of race, gender or whether you’re thin or curvy…’She said repeatedly, ‘We’re survivors not victims…’

Virginia, left, with sister Catherine

My niece Virginia wrote:

‘Almost 2 years ago our lives were shattered with the sudden and unexpected death of mum. Nine months later I was diagnosed with aggressive  breast cancer. It’s been a tough time…but…we’ve also had some of the best times with 2 belated graduations, children settling into new futures, a fantastic response to chemo… Thank you from the bottom of my heart to all you wonderful family and friends who’ve been there for the tears, the laughter and the celebrations…’

Virginia’s a survivor not a victim.

Our seaside town has a proud history of our fishing industry. Many older men in the town worked on the trawlers…

Yesterday at Men’s Shed Reg, telling us stories of when he was at sea, admitted that he couldn’t swim. Kenny laughed. ‘You were at sea all of those years and you couldn’t swim?’

‘I’ve been in an aeroplane but I can’t fly…’ Reg replied.

Reg isn’t a victim of ‘swimlessness’, he’s a survivor of years risking his life at sea…

…reading this morning of Peter. Sailing across the lake at night a storm had come and the disciples were fighting heavy waves. Jesus comes to them walking on the water…

Despite his fear Peter gets out of the boat, and walks on the water towards Jesus. As he begins to sink Jesus grabs him. The storm stops…

Peter finishes, like Mel, Virginia and Reg, not the storm victim but a grateful survivor who’s wiser and stronger…

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