Listen To The Expert?

Credit: RCM

Our friend Andy has been servicing our cars for 30 years. His garage is always busy. Everyone speaks highly of the service they receive from him and the team.

Yesterday he explained how customers often ask: ‘We want to buy a new car. What would you advise?’ Having worked with cars all his life Andy has clear views.

Some listen to the expert, taking his advice; others hear it but ignore it. Sometimes they’ve already made up their minds – asking Andy was a waste of time!

Credit: Mick Howes

On Saturday our Lowestoft Lifeboat and beach lifeguards was busy… There’s a sand bar 600 metres from the beach that attracts paddleboarders, swimmers and people in small boats. Experts talk about the dangers of fast flowing tides and currents…

‘It was a full moon and strong Spring Tides are running… people entering the water… at one place could find themselves being carried up or down from where they are heading.’

Most folk stay close to the shore. Some ignored the experts’ advice and got into difficulties…

Credit: Getty Images

Yesterday we watched some of the rowing from the European championships. Last year’s Tokyo Olympics was disappointing for British rowers; in these championships we’ve done well and won a number of medals.

They were interviewing the expert British coach: ‘What have you done differently this time?’  The coach described the athletes’ physiology and fitness programmes, the focus on technical skills, the sports psychology…

Credit: Recovery revelations


…Discussions with education experts when I was in school… the legal requirement to focus on the intellectual, when more pressing needs were often physical – the child who hadn‘t eaten… psychological – the child dealing with trauma or abuse… social – the lonely child who couldn’t make friends…

…Jesus’ words: ‘Love the Lord your God with all you heart, soul, mind and strength… and love your neighbour as yourself.’

…Jesus, through words and actions, describing and defining not just on the spiritual but holistic care… Jesus the Teacher, the Shepherd, the Expert…  

…Listen to the expert?

2 thoughts on “Listen To The Expert?

  1. Enjoyed Andys take on listening sun I was also last one of canoeist on sandbar enjoying the isolation of a desert island all to myself naked as the day I was born. I sat in my cande awaiting the fast encroaching tide to lift us both clear of the sand when I heard “Oi!” I looked into the setting sun to see the silhouette of huge nrli vessel on other side of the bar. Sod The incomming tide I begin to paddle off the sand and then noticed I was being shadowed by the brave lads in full kit, helmet n all on flat calm evening. Anyhow I paddled towards em and asked if I’d committee a curfew or sea faux pax. They explained they were doing some patrolling and received couple of 999 of lone canoeist left on the bar a d if I needed any assistance. I was so flattered to be unknowingly watched over by caring folk and thanked the lads again after refusing their kindly offer of a lift back to the beach. Well I’m home now in landlocked marple mate. Still.reading ur take on spiritual awareness. God bless malcome

    Graham ________________________________


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