Welcome To My World

The Thatch
The Oddfellows

When we went into lockdown in April 2020 I started writing my blog… imagining I was chatting with friends at ‘The Thatch’ (local café) or ‘The Oddfellows (local pub). Initially a few local friends received my blog… then other friends joined… some yesterday!

Welcome to my world… of people.

I’m now back at the Thatch and Oddfellows chatting… the local word’s ‘mardling’ – passing the time of day in gentle conversation…. Everyone has something to teach me; often insight and wisdom comes from the most unexpected places. Listening, reflecting, questioning, understanding other points of view, forming developing opinions.

Welcome to my world… of musing.


…Chatting to Kathy, a single Mum with two teenage daughters. Over the weekend she broke up with her partner of two years. Kathy was smiling and remarkably positive, not complaining about life’s injustices and the failures of others. Kathy’s determined to make the best of her life; to be the best she can be to her friends and family.

Welcome to my world… of optimism and hope.

…A package arrived for Rachel… some item of clothing that she’s ordered on line. If she likes it she’ll keep it; if not she’ll send it back.

…Chatting to Kate; Kate’s husband died a couple of months ago… chatting to Bob; Bob’s wife died a couple of years ago. Kate and Bob didn’t order their bereavements; they can’t return them as unsuitable..

Welcome to my world… of acceptance.

I love the Biblical story of Jeremiah… Jerusalem’s been destroyed; most of the Jews have been exiled to Babylon; Jeremiah’s left…

This morning (Chapter 42) some remaining leaders come to Jeremiah and ask: ‘Pray that the Lord your God will show us what to do and where to go.’ A good prayer.

God replies: ‘Stay where you are and you’ll be OK.’ The leaders say, ‘You’re lying Jeremiah; we’re going to Egypt!’

Welcome to my world… of people, musing, optimism, acceptance… and choosing who to listen to and how to respond.

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