Old-fashioned But Not Out-dated

This is Cat and her Dad Dave. Cat writes:

‘…he has been my one constant male influence, that he never gave up on me, that even through the dark times he always supported me, that to this day he holds doors open for me, puts himself on the outside of me when we’re walking, that he will hold car doors open for me. He has always been and will always be a true gentleman. He is also the man that I measure every other man I meet against and to be honest, none come close.’

Dave’s old-fashioned but not out-dated.

Abbie remembered a Holiday Bible Club at church 6 years ago; her Mum Kerry wrote:

‘It has been a real joy and privilege to spend this week working with such an amazing group of leaders and to see so many children every day!! It has been lots of fun but I am now ready for a long rest!’

I first helped at a ‘Beach Mission’ 55 years ago; I’ve spent many summers leading, helping at Church Holiday Clubs. It’s an old-fashioned idea – over 150 years old; its value isn’t out-dated…

This morning I read these words. The candidates for the leadership of the Conservative party have been arguing about the country’s economy, foreign policy, styles of leadership. Yesterday’s news focused on planned strike action – workers on the railway, British Telecom, our local port… all demanding increased pay…

Supporting the poor, broken-hearted and captives, may seem old-fashioned but the need is never out-dated.

Yesterday we learnt of Bernard Cribbins’ death – actor, singer, entertainer, story-teller…

He sung ‘Right said Fred’:

“Right,” said Fred, “Both of us together
One each end and steady as we go.”
Tried to shift it, couldn’t even lift it
We was getting nowhere
And so we had a cuppa tea…  

We’re reminded of the value of working with a mate, the universality of insoluble problems, the importance of a cuppa tea…

All old-fashioned but not out-dated.

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