The kitchen fitters kept saying ‘dot’n’dab’. I asked them what the word was and what it meant. I’ve learnt that ‘dot and dab’ is a process involving dots and dabs of adhesive sticking plasterboard directly to bare walls…

Chris the plasterer is proving to be an expert in dot’n’dabbing… filling holes, levelling rough surfaces, creating silky-smooth walls and ceilings …

Last night we went to Norwich to see ‘Chicago’. I sat next to a young man who had drunk too much and had the loudest, most vigorous clap I’ve ever heard. Loud-clapper knew most of ‘Chicago’ and joined in with both dialogue and songs… delivering punchlines early, enthusiastically laughing, singing both out of tune and out of time…

Now, the morning after, the irritation of Loud-clapper is dot’n’dabbed out with smiles. Chicago’s an excellent show, with singing, orchestra, choreography and production all

coming together to produce a most enjoyable evening.

Chicago tells the stories of Roxie Hart and Velma Kelly, two young women in 1920s Chicago. It’s based on two actual cases of women accused of murdering their lovers. Both were glamorous women who used their youth and beauty to their benefit, gaining publicity, exploiting sexist attitudes in the criminal justice system…

Murder, truth and justice, were dot’n’dabbed, smoothed over, in stories of fashion, glamour, alleged-exploitation and pseudo-vulnerability…

Musing… Friends I met yesterday at our church community café… facing personal problems of grief and bereavement, long-term disability, caring for needy family members… past disappointments, future anxieties… Some are supported by their faith, some by the faith of others… some with renewed determined efforts, others already resigned to failure… trying to dot’n’dab, bring smoothness to their lives’ rough untidinesses…

Musing… Isaiah’s picture of the God of dot’n’dab… both the big picture and the personal detail… ‘Fill in the valleys, and level the mountains and hills. Straighten the curves and smooth out the rough places. Then the glory of the Lord will be revealed and all people will see it together…’ (40:4-5)

Chicago – Norwich production

5 thoughts on “Dot’n’dab

  1. Great post again. Sorry that you were seated next to someone who maybe needed “dot ‘n dabbing” :). I especially like what you said about friends: “some are supported by their faith, some by the faith of others”. For many years, I “borrowed” the faith of others–until I acquired my own. Now I encourage others who either do not have a faith in the Lord, or have lost faith due to life’s burdens–to “borrow” mine (as I pray for them). God bless you and your family.


      1. You’re so right, Malcolm. Currently I’ve been the “lender of faith” to my case manager (social services)…whose faith needed renewing. When she became ill with Covid, which she’s still recovering from, she knew my prayers were fervent. God is so good–and it’s a huge honor/privilege to pray for others and be His voice!

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  2. Such a great show!

    I liked your comment “Some are supported by their faith, some by the faith of others…” there are definitely times when we need others to hold up our arms, and to do likewise when needed.


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