It’s a Life-Changer

Abbie’s a young woman living with Type 1 diabetes:

Imagine trusting a machine no bigger than your hand to ultimately keep you alive…

This insulin pump is constantly adjusting my insulin to meet my needs and to keep me safe… It is not the same as having a working pancreas, but this system is the closest I have had since mine stopped working, and for that I am so grateful.

Abbie’s pump… a dramatic life-changer.

Frank’s a carpenter and boatbuilder, a skilled craftsman and painter… A few years ago he and his wife Brenda bought a derelict house with extensive grounds.

They refurbished, refitted and, in parts, rebuilt their dream… Frank’s workshop, Brenda’s studio… a house for their son and family at the bottom of the garden.

A few months ago, suddenly, unexpectedly, Brenda died… chatting to Frank yesterday about his feelings of loss and devastation.

Brenda’s death… a sad life-changer.

Jo’s a church children-and-families worker. Last Sunday her all-age service was about the prophet Elijah… Elijah heard God, was used by God, relied on God was challenged by God…

…Are you hearing God?… being used by God?… relying on God? being challenged by God?

I enjoyed reading Jo’s script. Jo’s exploring the possibility of ‘becoming a minister’. Denominational representatives observed the service and will report back…

Jo’s service… a potential life-changer.

I first met Graham several years ago. Graham’s a comedian. He’s done the circuits of Northern pubs and clubs, worked on cruise ships, played pantomime alongside national stars and celebrities.

Graham’s suffered from mental ill-health and depression… has complex relationships and no settled family life. In recent years, helped by good Christian friends, he’s discovered faith. He has found a caring church family and spiritual home. On Sunday he was baptised…

Graham’s baptism…  an ongoing life-changer.

I had a beer with my friend Steve last night. We agreed. Life is good when it’s uncomplicated, undramatic… ordinary and pleasant… but today might be a life-changer for Steve or me…

2 thoughts on “It’s a Life-Changer

  1. Oh my… Life is rarely lacking drama, the life-changing moments, decisions. Without Jesus I’d go under. I’ll be praying for these folks you mentioned today, Malcolm.


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