Wise Choices, wise words

At our monthly Seagull Theatre Directors meeting Des was explaining the arrangements for the 1940s weekend – the craft fair, vintage clothes, 40’s music… and the many licences required… public entertainments licence, street trading licence… the ‘Non-illuminated street decorations licence’ = a licence for bunting!

Des said: ‘I thought it wise to pay for them all and stay within the law…’

 I’m reading ‘Proverbs’. It talks a lot about wisdom… ‘Blessed is the man who finds wisdom, the man who gains understanding, for she is more profitable than silver and yields better returns than gold…’ (3:13,14)

I went to the eye clinic at our local hospital yesterday. The nurses did a variety of tests; the doctor did more tests and gave me advice – medication, future treatment… If I want to retain my sight I would be wise to act on what he said.

Later, at our church café, I met Paul, an older gentleman who’s cycling around the UK. He started on the Somerset coast in April, cycled down to Land’s End, then along the South coast. Now he’s heading up the East Coast…Wednesday was Ipswich, then Lowestoft, Yarmouth… He hopes to be in Edinburgh for August.

Paul has no home, no security; he sleeps outside every night. He believes he’s made wise choices for his life…

During an interview with BBC Sport Olympic swimmer Daniel Jervis spoke about his faith and sexuality:

‘I’m a devout Christian… it just happens that I’m also gay. I love God, and out of all the things in my life my faith is what I’m most proud of… people say you can’t be Christian and gay together… I am!’

Jervis thinks that he’s wise to speak out in this way; I hope that people are wise in the their response.

Returning to Proverbs: ‘For the Lord gives wisdom, and from his mouth comes knowledge and understanding’ (2:6) Today I shall seek God’s wisdom, so that I will speak wise words and make wise choices.

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