Wimbledon has started… Last night we watched  Serena Williams lose to a French Girl, Harmony Tan.

Serena Williams has been a great tennis player; it was a great match… but Serena’s past her best. It was as if she has to perform in front of a big crowd… She has to play tennis… Serena’s physical restlessness.

I was chatting to Katie. Her friend Jo is always buying clothes on-line. Katie thinks it’s an addiction; Jo doesn’t see it that way. She never buys one item she always buys three; her bedroom is full of unworn clothes yet she still buys more… pressures from looking good, self-image, advertising… Jo’s acquisitional restlessness.

Yesterday actor and presenter Stephen Fry and Norwich City Football Club launched a campaign, urging anyone suffering from mental health problems to seek help.

He quotes a range of statistics…in the UK 84% of people will experience a mental health problem in their life… every day in the UK there are 17 deaths by suicide…518 deaths from suicide were registered in one year in East Anglia… mental restlessness.

Yesterday I was involved in a number of conversations about death, bereavement and grief… the recent death and funeral of our friend Gerry… the death last weekend of our dear friend Sarah… today’s my brother Chris’s birthday – who died earlier this year… sadness, questions… emotional restlessness.

Rebekah Ekland, in ‘Practicing Lament’, looks at laments in Scripture. Those who express their pain, doubt and anger to God… ‘They ache over the way things are but aren’t content to let them stay that way. It’s the prayer for all the ways that the kingdom has not yet come, in the hope that God’s justice and peace will prevail – someday.’spiritual restlessness.

Musing… Saint Augustine’s words: ‘You have made us for yourself, O Lord, and our hearts are restless until they rest in You.’ 

I identify with Augustine’s restless heart… I return to my God who provides me with peace, purpose and power.

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