Faith Seeking Understanding

Yesterday started with learning that Sarah had died. Tragic, sad…

We went to church. There was a great sense of sadness and loss. Sarah was known and loved by many.

We returned home to a family barbecue concluding our Golden Wedding Anniversary celebrations…

At church Abi quoted St Anselm who talked about ‘Faith seeking understanding…’

The barbecue went well. It was good to be together – family and food always go together well. Good conversations, lots of laughter, more cake. We really appreciate the privilege of having a family…

When Rachel and I got married we both had faith. Life happened… children, friends, homes, jobs, churches, grandchildren, retirement… Our situation has changed, we’ve changed.

Faith seeking understanding? Through the ‘changing scenes of life’ we understand our faith in a deeper, stronger way…

Last night we watched the news… ongoing discussion about the ruling on abortion in the US… gay pride marches at towns and cities across the UK. Friends at Men’s Shed have conflicting views on both that they express readily. Christian friends at church also have conflicting views…

Faith seeking understanding? I continue to listen to people with compassion, read and seek to discern Biblical truth…

Talking about ‘faith seeking understanding’ St. Anselm said: ‘I do not seek to understand that I may believe, but I believe in order to understand.’

Sarah’s death makes no rational sense. She was a lovely person with a wonderful personality and character who did many good things… nobody ever said anything bad about her… Leaving grieving parents, husband, daughters… many friends feeling sadness and loss. No golden wedding for Sarah.

I hear Christian words… ‘Her suffering is over… She’s in a better place… God has his purposes… She lives on in our memories… We’ll meet again…’ I still don’t get it.

‘Faith seeking understanding?’ I start from a position of faith. I join with Biblical laments. I ask ‘My God why?’ and don’t get easy answers… I continue to believe, trust and seek understanding…

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