Microwaves Aren’t Televisions…

I love this cartoon. A couple have bought a microwave and think it’s a television. They’re surprised that they can’t get a picture…

It’s different…

A microwave can never be a television… There’s no point in complaining that there’s no picture on the microwave…

We’ve gone away for a few days – a cottage in North Norfolk. I shall be sharing the holiday with my wife Rachel, daughter Jo and granddaughter Hannah – 3 women. I might get myself into trouble here… Let’s just say we’re all different.

And as for grandson Luca…  Microwaves aren’t televisions.

Accepting and appreciating differences…

The kind TV repair man points out that their microwave isn’t a television… No picture is to be expected!

It doesn’t take a lot for me to realise that granddaughter Hannah as a 17-year-old girl is very different from me – in so many ways!! Rather than bemoaning the differences I can appreciate them!

Microwaves aren’t televisions but they’re good!!

Accepting mistakes…

Someone, somewhere made a mistake… The couple in ordering, the assistant in the store, the delivery driver… They can argue and shout, decide who to blame, ‘I don’t understand modern technology… It wasn’t like this when we were young…’

On Sunday I was told: ‘Your job is to remember the folding chairs’…The answer (as always} was. ‘Yes, dear.’ My mental note disappeared very quickly.

 Yesterday I was reminded: ‘Remember the folding chairs and picnic blanket’… ‘Yes, dear.’ …Folding chairs are still in the garage… I got it wrong.

Microwaves aren’t televisions. Accept it!!

Mistakes can be corrected…

How did the story end? In my version the TV repair man had a new TV in his van… the couple gave their neighbours the microwave as theirs had just broken… they all lived happily ever after…

In the ancient story of Job after times of suffering, criticism, loneliness and bereavement we read: ‘The Lord blessed the latter part of Job’s life more than the first.’

Microwaves aren’t televisions but all can be resolved.

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