When Plans Come Together…

I remember the ‘80s TV series ‘The A-Team’… Hannibal Smith repeating his famous catchphrase: ‘I love it when a plan comes together.’


…Discussing …Seagull Theatre’s plans… A nice idea… a dream… an application… money from the Arts Council… builders start work in a couple of months’ time. A plan’s come together…

…Chatting …Chris saw a job he really wanted… applied… phone interview… offered the job… accepted… handed in his notice from his present job… starts the new job in a few weeks’ time. His plan’s come together…

…Looking  …Our garden rat’s appeared again. We planned to be ratless. We had the rat man in. We did everything required. Plans don’t always come together!

…Chatting  …Danny, our local hospital chaplain described the sadness of conducting services for children who are stillborn or don’t survive for long. Hopes, excitement, anticipation… ending in disappointment and grief. Plans coming together?

…Reading …‘Tribes’ by MP David Lammy. His parents were part of the ‘Windrush generation’: ‘I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve been told to go home or had my Britishness questioned… The Windrush scandal confirmed our worst fears. The British state did not recognise people like us as British citizens after all.’ Plans coming together?

…Talking …At Men’s Shed… Dave’s Dad had ‘DNR’ (Do Not Resuscitate) above his hospital bed. In Dave’s view, the medical staff prolonged his Dad’s life against his family’s wishes. Plans coming together?

Bob wants DFST (Don’t F***ing Stop Trying) above his bed! Bill was very ill in hospital with Covid. Consultants had agreed that his ventilator should be switched off. His family insisted it shouldn’t… Two years later he’s alive and well! Their plan came together!

Today… Churches throughout the world celebrate Ascension Day. Jesus who had brought inspiration and hope had been executed. His friends and followers were confused and distraught. A plan coming together?

Jesus came back to life, appeared to his friends and followers, and ascended to heaven. The plan had come together!

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