Celebrations and Partying

We thought that by now ‘Partygate’ would be behind us; lockdown parties at No 10 Downing Street could be forgotten. Fines had been imposed; the Sue Gray report would be published; we could move on.

But no! More pictures of No 10 parties yesterday. Still no published report. The Prime Minister celebrates.

3 birthday celebrations…

…Last week Steve took his wife, Wendy down to London. He arranged a meal in a Japanese restaurant. There was a cake… staff sung happy birthday… other restaurant customers joined in… Steve was apprehensive, unsure if Wendy would like it… He breathed a sigh of relief. She loved it!

…On Sunday we were chatting to Karen. She has a significant birthday coming up. On several occasions Karen said to her husband James: ‘I do not want a surprise party’. She was clear, emphatic, very serious. I think James got the message.

…Tomorrow daughter-Jo is going down to London with Lisa to celebrate Lisa’s birthday… to Theatre Royal, Drury Lane to see ‘Frozen’. I’m sure they will celebrate appropriately.

Celebration headlines on successive pages of this morning’s paper:

‘Key worker couple wedding celebrate ‘fairytale’ day after winning £32,000 wedding.’ ‘Guests from far and wide gather for Norwich Rotary Club’s 100th birthday celebration.’ ‘High School’s teams celebrate success in both football and design challenges.’


…Celebrations of life’s milestones… a baby’s safe arrival at a christening or dedication… a couple’s mutual love at a wedding… continuing life at birthdays and anniversaries… a life well-lived at a funeral…

…‘The Prodigal Son’… The wayward son leaves home… he causes heartache and trouble; he returns home; his Dad throws a party and celebrates: ‘This son of mine was dead is alive again; he was lost and is found.’

…Friends… the reformed addict, restored relationship, resolved conflict… the anonymous gift, timely visit, time-consuming assistance… no pictures in the paper, expensive ‘do’, trip to London… but crooked lives straightened, good lives well-lived… often unnoticed and un-noted… deserve quiet recognition and daily celebration.

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