Come To Jesus (Rest in Him)

Are you weary, heavy laden?
Come and lay your burdens down
Jesus calls you, Jesus draws you
Rest in Him
He is gentle, he is lowly
He delights to bring us peace
Tender shepherd, mighty Savior
Rest in Him

This week’s Sunday song repeats ‘Rest in him’… Sometimes it’s an invitation that I respond to willingly; I want to rest. Other times it’s a command to stop my busyness; I need to rest. Whether it’s a commanding invitation or an invitational command…‘Rest in him’

How sure His compassion for us
Oh, how deep is His love
So come, come to Jesus
And rest in Him

‘Rest in him’… I’m called to rest… physically from my constant busyness in work… mentally from traumatic memories… emotionally from feelings of guilt, fear… from the pain of wounds that won’t heal… from weariness with life. ‘Rest in him’…

Are you hopeless, are you guilty
Caught in shame for all your sin?
He pursues you, to forgive you
Rest in Him
He has paid for every failure
Mercy flows in еndless streams
Come and follow, freedom calls you
Rеst in Him

‘Rest in him’… ‘In’ signifies a place. I choose to come… actively, intentionally following to a place of strength and security… where destructive memories and fears their power… where guilt is forgiven. I come home to a place of healing, peace, comfort, reassurance… ​‘Rest in him’…

Are you waiting in your sorrows
For this broken world to heal?
He is coming, soon returning
Rest in Him
We will see Him, we will know Him
O what heights of grace revealed
From His kindness, every promise
Then fulfilled
Trust in Jesus, he will keep us
To the end

‘Rest in him’… In that place of rest I discover a gentle, compassionate, tender shepherd who cares about my restlessness… a mighty, powerful saviour who can release me from the burden of my fears and failures. Today I obey the command, accept the invitation – ‘Rest in him’…

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