Shouting On The Piano

I received the newsletter from ‘Prostate Cancer UK’. It’s an issue close to my heart… my brother Chris, a number of friends.. those who’ve died, those who’ve survived…

(…I know my prostate’s nowhere near my heart!!)

The newsletter features an article by musician Jools Holland. He tells his story, his experiences – test, diagnosis, treatment… current passion to raise awareness of prostate cancer. He says: ‘I’ll stand on top of my piano and shout about it.’

I’d join him – shouting on his piano.

Close to home… Kerry’s raising money for Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation. Ann’s been raising awareness of National Deaf Children’s Society and Deaf Awareness Week. Kerry and Ann each have a child who has made them passionate about their causes; both would stand on a piano to shout about them.

Further afield… Our friend Cat working for ‘Naked Truth’, a national charity supporting the wives of men addicted to porn… demonstrations of those concerned about violence against women following the Sarah Everard murder… Dame Deborah James in end of life care raising millions of pounds for cancer research and raising national awareness of bowel cancer…

Shouting on the piano for the sick, the voiceless, the suffering, the broken… calling for truth, integrity and justice is not only necessary but a requirement of all of us. Jesus was big on that.

But… I was reminded that some things should be kept quiet. Jesus was big on that too. My helping or giving to those in need, my prayer and religious practices should be ‘in secret’. The faults of others, recognising and putting right personal grievances, confidences I hold, my rights and demands… No public airing, no drama, no piano, no shouting.

Musing… I need the wisdom to know the difference between piano shouting matters and private quiet matters. I need to do both – well.

…Sometimes life’s not about the piano shouting or the secret quiet. There’s just about plodding. I need to be a good plodder too.

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