Mental Health And Me

Last night we watched ‘Joe Wicks: Facing My Childhood’. The fitness coach who became famous during lockdown for his YouTube family fitness workouts discussed his Mum’s OCD and eating disorders… his Dad’s depression and addictions… how their mental health affected his childhood…

Musing… Mental Health…

Understanding… He wanted to understand his parents’ mental ill-health… Previous generations weren’t so aware of mental health issues…

As a child our local ‘mental asylum’ was down the road… In recent years I’ve learnt about anxiety, depression, addictions, dementia, bipolar, eating disorders, PTSD, gender dysphoria, suicidal thoughts…These aren’t just illnesses, or labels. They’re real people, my friends…

Talking… Wicks emphasised the importance of talking about mental health. He discussed openly the nature and effects of mental health issues with his parents and brother. He featured the charity ‘Our Time’ that works with children of parents with mental illness, encouraging and enabling family discussions.

There have been taboo subjects that we mustn’t talk about… death, sex… Many are still happy to talk about physical ailments but won’t discuss their mental ill-health.  

Holistic View

Wicks emphasises the link between physical health and mental health. When I had a stressful job, exercise (in my case running) helped my mental health.

Thinking holistically I add emotional health and spiritual health. It’s Jesus’ reference to ‘heart, soul, mind and strength’… One aspect of life can’t be either ignored or viewed independently… All 4 are joined and inseparable; their health is inextricably linked.

Caring for mental health

Joe Wicks talked about 3 million children living with an adult with mental illness… 10 million adults suffering with mental illness because of the pandemic…

I understand mental wellness though exercise… TV’s Monty Don promotes the mental health benefits of gardening… yesterday Terry was extolling the benefits of fishing… Trevor’s flying off to relax on a warm beach…

Musing… Here, today, I must be aware, understanding and compassionate in caring for the mental health of those around me… and include myself in that care.

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