Cost and Value

Picture: Flick and Son

Headline in yesterday’s paper: Southwold beach hut on market for £250k – but may sell for even MORE.

The article continued: ‘For comparison, £250,000 will today also buy two terraced two-bed properties in Lowestoft just 10 miles away. Selling agents Flicks are confident the quarter-of-a-million price will be achieved.’

I enjoyed breakfast with my friend Peter. He recently sold a rare ‘Genesis’ single on ebay for £849 to a buyer in the United States.

Musing… Values?… yesterday’s random examples:

Picture: Paul Ainger

…Another newspaper headline:  ‘Man thanks teens who helped him home after serious fall.’

Paul Ainger from Lowestoft ‘…fell to the ground in pain after leaving his house for the first time in 18 months has thanked the teenagers that wouldn’t leave him behind…’

Describing their care and help: ’Teenagers get a bad reputation so it’s nice to see some kind-hearted children. I’d just love for them to see this so I can thank them and their parents for raising them so well.’

Teenagers valued.

Picture: Count Everyone In

…Visiting our local Seagull Theatre I saw 25-30 adults with mental disabilities busy, engaged, happy with their excellent weekly drama club ‘Fabba’

…Watched Sunday’s Songs of Praise, featuring the remarkable charity ‘Count Everyone In’. It describes itself: ‘Inspiring and equipping God’s church to be welcoming and accessible to all, especially those who are so often marginalised by society and even the church because of learning disability.’

Disabled adults valued.

Picture: Continuum

…Reading ‘Sister Wendy on Prayer’… describing her experience as a young child in Edinburgh:

‘…I became conscious of God. It was an overwhelming experience of greatness and of goodness and of protection. I remember feeling with wonder that the world – so bewildering to a little child – made sense, that it was God’s world and I was blessed as a child within it. If you ask me how I know I can’t tell you. I saw nothing and heard nothing. But from then on God was with me, the centre of all I did, giving it significance.’  

A child’s experience of God valued.

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