You’re Still God

When all foundations have been shaken
When I’m left standing in the dark
And all I feel is my heart breaking
You still reign and You’re still God

And when it feels all hope has faded
The heavy questions hit so hard
And though my soul may feel forsaken
You still reign and You’re still God

A number of good friends have had a difficult week.. Questions, doubts, hospital visits, uncertain futures… dark facts leading to dark feelings… broken hopes and broken hearts.

This simple but profound Philippa Hanna song reflects those situations ‘You still reign and you’re still God’ is a statement of faith, desperation, hope… the last resort; for some the only resort…

I will declare that You are with me
Though voices whisper that You’re not
You’ll never leave me nor forsake me
‘Cause You still reign and You’re still God…

And when my enemies surround me
I’ll trust the victory of Your cross
And fix my eyes upon You Jesus
For You are God and I am not

God is often found in the paradox that when feels most distant he is the closest. Struggling friends and musing me can gain strength by focusing not on my problems but on God… on the caring shepherd searching for the lost sheep… on the patient, father waiting for his son to return.

You are good and You are faithful
As You have been from the start
You’re working all things for Your glory
You still reign and You’re still God

Fixing my eyes on this God my questions, uncertainties and problems haven’t disappeared, but my Christian ‘faith’ sees Him with me in them.

Whatever happens my life today and whatever may unfold in the future… I commit myself again to His truth, wisdom, companionship and plan.   

And though I can’t see what’s before me
I know that I can trust Your heart
And this one truth will be my story,
You still reign and You’re still God

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